NDP Candidate's Most Recent Blunder

September 15, 2019

It appears that the NDP Candidate is taking advice from a sock...

Ed the Sock knows what’s up.” ~ Wayne Stetski


I won’t chase the NDP Candidate down this rabbit hole. Instead, following is some background on his new sock advisor for consideration:

1. Complaints against Ed the Sock were filed, and some upheld, with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council because of the prevalent "sexism" and allegations the puppet was "derogatory to women". Specifically, Stetski’s new sock advisor was in breach of Clauses 6 and 11 of the CAB Code of Ethics and Article 7 of the Violence Code.

2. In recent years he has vigorously defended Justin Trudeau, particularly in the wake of the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

While I have no doubt that the NDP Candidate will be horrified to read the first item it is the second item where he and his new advisor clearly have common ground. Regardless, the NDP Candidate should offer an apology for associating with a "public figure" known for horrid views of and treatment of women.