Stetski Votes Against Condemnation of the Iranian Regime

June 13, 2018

In Ottawa, the Federal Liberals and Conservatives voted together (a rarity these days) to condemn the Iranian regime and its policies.

The Iranian Government is a despotic tyranny, not elected through fair and free elections. Iran limits its citizens freedoms of belief, expression and assembly. Time and time again we see Iran respond to its citizens with murderous restrictions. Their despotic antics across the Middle East and around the world create terror by sponsoring suicide bombers. I am glad Canadian MPs condemn that sort of behaviour, voting in the House of Commons June 11, 2018 (vote #754) to ratify that condemnation.

Unfortunately, I cannot give the same praise to our Kootenay Columbia MP Wayne Stetski. He voted against the motion. Why would the NDP MP Wayne Stetski stand for tyranny when the rest of Canada stands in solidarity with the Iranian people? 

Wesly Graham, Director Kootenay Columbia Conservative Association.