Single Use Plastic Election Signs

October 04, 2019

This election the Conservative Campaign team in Kootenay-Columbia opted for recyclable lawn signs and challenged to NDP Candidate to reduce the use of single-use plastics...

Recently I issued a friendly lawn sign reduction challenge to the NDP Candidate. He responded quite quickly in the media by requesting that I “pick a number of signs and he’ll match it.” We answered by providing the number (100), confirmed that we had already removed our signs according to the challenge and further agreed to remove all CPC lawn signs along Victoria in Cranbrook within 48 hours of the removal of all NDP lawn signs. This was a genuine challenge with the objective to reduce his use of non-recyclable plastics in accordance with the information the NDP Candidate provided at a recent plastics Town Hall.

The bad news: he did not remove a single sign AND is the only Candidate this election using a non-recyclable single-use plastic. Following this election you will see NDP lawn signs in Kootenay-Columbia landfills where they will take up to 1,000 years to decompose.

The good news: every single sign purchased by my Campaign is fully recyclable AND my Campaign team has advised that they will be restoring our recyclable lawn sign presence in Cranbrook over the coming days.

During his time in Parliament the NDP Candidate was the vice chair of the Environment and Sustainable Development Committee and, according to a recent interview, "has seen a lot of research and evidence as to the damage single use plastics has caused in various ecosystems." Why would he not heed his own concerns and only purchase recyclable election signs?

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