NDP Candidate Attempting to Circumvent Democracy

May 08, 2021

The NDP Candidate in Kootenay-Columbia is attempting to amalgamate the left by working to convince the Green Party to stand down during the next election in exchange for the NDP promising to return the favour in Nanaimo-Ladysmith. In short, he is trying to circumvent democracy.

By now you may have heard that Wayne Stetski will be running again as the NDP candidate in the next Federal election. Hard to believe given his track record: he failed as Cranbrook's Mayor, lost the last Federal election by over 7,000 votes and also recently lost the latest Provincial election by a wide margin amidst an orange wave in the Province. Why is he unable to pass the torch and provide an opportunity for someone else to run? Only he knows the answer to that question, but we do know that he is desperate, has given up trying to win honestly and this time has resorted to back-room deals with a group called the One Time Alliance. In fact, the NDP Candidate is on record, at a meeting with them, suggesting that the riding of "Nanaimo-Ladysmith for the Greens would be a good candidate to match with Kootenay-Columbia for the NDP."


An election should be decided at the ballot box not through a back room deal.


After the recent debacle in Ottawa over Bill C-10, a bill supported by the NDP that would erode free speech rights by providing the CRTC regulatory power over your social media posts, we know that Canadians value democracy and are willing to stand up to protect it. The NDP candidates back room deals are anything but democratic and Conservatives must push back and defend against this attempt to circumvent your vote and the process of democracy. We can't afford an NDP Member of Parliament from Kootenay-Columbia who plays fast-and-loose with democracy and will vote lock step with Justin Trudeau.

Now more than ever we need to retain a strong Conservative Member of Parliament, like Rob Morrison, who denounces back room deals, supports law-abiding gun owners, works hard for our seniors, advocates for our health, stands up for our freedoms and pushes back against a corrupt Liberal government.