Former Kootenay-Columbia MP, Jim Abbott, Endorses Conservative Candidate, Rob Morrison

October 20, 2019

Jim Abbott, former Member of Parliament for Kootenay-Columbia, served our riding for eighteen years and is a pillar within the Conservative community, both at home and across the country. He is a cornerstone to the Conservative movement, is well-respected across all Parties and is endorsing Conservative candidate, Rob Morrison...

Who we elect - Does it really make a difference? 

"It was an extraordinary honour for me to serve this riding for eighteen years, especially when I consider the more than 100,000 patriotic Canadians who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our vote. I was privileged to work on a team that ended the billion - dollar long gun registry boondoggle, we enacted laws that make Canada’s streets safer, and we balanced Canada’s budget so our grandchildren won’t be loaded down with our interest payments. Conservatives treated Canadian provinces with respect, which meant we achieved successes in health, education, and infrastructure (un-matched since 2015). I was proud to support a Canadian Prime Minister who didn’t “dress-up” and embarrass Canadians. He mightily earned the respect of world leaders. Today I’m calling on Kootenay Columbia voters to turn up and cast a vote for CPC candidate Rob Morrison. I believe Rob will be a strong voice for us in Ottawa." ~ Jim Abbott, MP (ret.’d)