The PMO is Guilty

August 14, 2019

We now have a clear picture of who Justin Trudeau truly is. And it’s not who he promised he would be...

He promised he would accountable and ethical. Instead, time and time again, he has used the power of his office to enrich himself, reward his friends, and punish his critics.

He promised he would be open and honest. But let’s remember on the day this story first broke Justin Trudeau denied it completely. He said that the story was false. He then said that he never pressured Jody Wilson-Raybould. We know now that is false. He also said that she never came to him with her concerns. Again, we know now that was false. And he said that he would be happy to work and cooperate with the Ethics Commissioner. And now we know that is false as well.

On the eve of this election, the choice before Canadians has never been more clear. Between a Prime Minister who abuses his power, bends the law for his friends, attempts to silence his critics and destroys their reputations. And a Conservative government led by a Prime Minister who will uphold the rule of law, respect our democratic institutions, and help all Canadians get ahead.