End the Cover-up

Whereas three investigations have been conducted into the Prime Minister by the federal ethics commissioner, two into former finance minister Bill Morneau;

Whereas Justin Trudeau must come clean on the three-year cover-up of sexual misconduct allegations in the Canadian Armed Forces;

Whereas the Prime Minister must discontinue his lawsuit against the Speaker of the House, comply with the four demands from the House of Commons to turn over all unredacted documents pertaining to the Winnipeg Microbiology Lab scandal, where two government scientists were fired after the transfer of viruses from Canada to the Wuhan lab in China;

Whereas, the Liberals must immediately cancel the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of contracts provided to one of the Prime Minister's closest personal friends;

Whereas the government announced secret plans to move forward with a backdoor gun registry AFTER Parliament adjourned for the Summer;

Whereas Justin Trudeau vetted judicial appointments through the Liberal Party of Canada database to ensure judges support him;

Whereas the Prime Minister rammed Bill C-10 through the House of Commons without proper review and censured MPs from defending freedom of speech;

Whereas the NDP are complicit by continually propping up this scandal-ridden minority Liberal government;

Whereas, Justin Trudeau is the only Canadian Prime Minister formally found to have broken ethics rules and it is time to restore accountability;

We the undersigned call on Justin Trudeau to follow Canadian law, restore accountability in Ottawa and end his government's corruption and cover-ups.

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