The Liberal /NDP Coalition Government Must Go!

Trudeau’s corrupt minority government may only last a short time and we need to continue fundraising efforts to ensure that we have the means to win the next election. The NDP have confirmed that they will support Bill C-10, which will allow the government to censor any social media post that they might not like. Thank you for pushing back against this Liberal / NDP coalition government! 

The choice of whether a Sumemer election takes place is squarely in the hands of the NDP who have a choice to make. Will they hold this corrupt Liberal government to account for multiple ethics violations or will they allow their MP's votes to be sold in exchange for empty Liberal promises. Trudeau’s shaky minority government can fall at any moment and the time is now to take action to secure a strong future for Canadians. When the time comes and Trudeau's government falls, Conservatives in Kootenay-Columbia, with your help, will be ready. 

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Cheques can be made out to "Kootenay-Columbia Conservative Association" and mailed to: PO Box 504 Stn. Main, Cranbrook BC V1C 4J1