NDP Candidate Using Dirty Political Tricks

October 16, 2019

The NDP Candidate, in an act of last-minute desperation, has attacked a decorated public servant by using his time abroad - his service to our country - as a political weapon...

Conservative friends,

I have spent a career serving our country at home in the Kootenays and abroad. It has been an incredible honour. On the eve of this election we find the NDP Candidate acting desperately, resorting to spreading lies to hold onto his seat. The facts seem not to matter for the NDP Candidate and that was evident in a recent radio interview with the CBC. He claims that I am not one of you.

I am speechless.

The most disappointing part is that he is using my time of service abroad, following 9/11, as the basis of his claim that I am not a Kootenay-Columbian. Uprooting and leaving loved ones behind is the most difficult component for service men and women and yet here we have Mr. Stetski using it as a political weapon.

I’d like to thank our Conservative Riding President for providing a factual response to the NDP Candidate’s recent lie. I’d also like to extend my well wishes to Wayne and the other Candidates as we head into the last few days of this election.

Finally, this election will be close so, to my Conservative friends, please vote! When we vote we will win and when we win we will have the change we are looking for.

All my best, Rob


Authorized by the Official Agent for Rob Morrison