Conservative Candidate, Rob Morrison, on Child Tax Benefits

July 22, 2019

The Canada Child Benefit is built on a proud Conservative legacy of giving parents flexibility and choice when it comes to child care, and putting money back into the pockets of families...


As your elected Member of Parliament I will work to protect this legacy and ensure that the decisions on how to use these funds are left with the families who receive it.

The Liberals have a long history of fighting the principle of sending child care support directly to parents. It wasn’t too long ago senior Liberals were accusing the Conservatives of giving families money for ‘beer and popcorn.’ They were wrong. Child poverty during the previous Conservative government fell to a record low of 8.5 per cent. 

Canada’s Conservatives will make sure that parents keep every penny they get under the current child benefit.

Not only that, Conservatives will help families get even further ahead by scrapping the carbon tax which makes everything from gas to groceries more expensive, taking the GST off of home heating bills, and introducing a new Green Homes Tax Credit to help Canadians with their renovation costs while fighting climate change.

While Justin Trudeau, Wayne Stetski and the Liberals would rather see the government spend your money, Canada’s Conservatives, led by Rob Morrison in Kootenay-Columbia, know that money is best spent when it’s in your pocket.