Call For Volunteers

June 28, 2019

Things are heating up in Kootenay-Columbia with only a few months left until the election. If you were frustrated that our riding sent Wayne Stetski to Ottawa by only 285 votes we want to hear from you...

Conservatives are more active and mobilized in Kootenay-Columbia than ever before as we prepare to take this riding back in October. It will take many Conservatives to defeat the failed representation of Wayne Stetski and here are some practical ways that you can help take this riding back:

1. VOTE - On election day we need Conservatives to make voting a priority. It only takes a moment to cast a vote, but your collective voices (votes) are what will replace failed NDP policy and contribute to making Justin Trudeau a one-term Prime Minister. This is a Conservative riding so when we show up to vote we will win! Your voice is important and your vote is critical!

2. DONATE - If you are able to donate please do. It the least important of the three, but still very important. Please consider this and click here to make a donation.

3. VOLUNTEER - Until election day this is the most important of the three. We are in need of volunteers in all areas. If you are frustrated by our friend David Wilk's loss in the 2015 election please direct that frustration into a couple hours a week of volunteering. Your time is the most needed and treasured resource in the effort to return Kootenay-Columbia to its Conservative roots and we very much look forward to working with you!! Please consider this and click here to contact Campaign staff.