A Message of Thanks From Rob Morrison

October 11, 2019

My father served in the Royal Canadian Air Force and was my hero. Through his example he fostered in me a strong desire to serve our country and it has been an honour to dedicate my life working to create a safe place to live for my family and indeed all Canadians. Service to country and the call to duty requires sacrifice. It requires that service men and women, from across our nation, leave their loved ones and serve abroad. As a husband and proud father of five and I can confirm that this is indeed the most difficult component of service.

My heart has led me to serve our country and it is that heart that I will lead with as we go about the task of making things right and securing our way of life here in Kootenay-Columbia. We are on the eve of change and as we make our way towards October 21st I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

It is time for experienced leadership and we must work now to provide our children and grandchildren with a secure future by leaving our country and the world around us in a better place. ~ Rob Morrison